Hire Me

… or to put it differently: brain for rent 🙂

I’m the economist behind the One Minute Economics YouTube channel and have written two books (Wealth Management 2.0 and The Age of Anomaly), the second of which became a Wall Street Journal as well as USA Today bestseller.

My brain is at your disposal and I can offer the following services:

  1. Consulting, plain and simple. In other words, I will happily share my two cents when it comes to pretty much anything economics/finance-related, from articulating thoughts about current events and how they might impact your portfolio to… well, anything else you believe I could be of assistance with
  2. Article writing, for example if you’d like me to write for a magazine you run or even put me in charge of authoring/co-authoring a newsletter, report and so on. For “street cred” purposes, you can use my name/brand for the content you order from me
  3. Anything speaking-related, online-only opportunities for the time being however, from hopping on as an occasional or even permanent guest on your show/channel to perhaps even launching a channel together

… also, the list above is by no means definitive, I’m open to suggestions!

How to proceed?

Simply send me a message by filling out the form you can find on the “Contact Me” section of OneMinuteEconomics.com or shoot me an email directly at andrei@oneminuteeconomics.com.

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