Guys, the One Minute Economics YouTube channel needs your help!

I'm getting ready to launch my new book, so now more than ever, I need the One Minute Economics community! I've worked on it a LOT and will be almost giving it away for free by only charging $0.99 (not a typo) during the launch week. Yep, people will basically be able to buy a 400-page book I've invested blood, sweat, tears and sanity in for less than a buck :)

The book will basically help people prepare for as well as deal with financial calamities and will in my opinion represent a must-read for everyone who's concerned about the future. I've taken things one step at a time, from case studies which help you understand the finalcial disasters of yesterday to tips for today and of course information meant to help you become more resilient in general. A no-bs approach to economic preparedness, that's how I'd describe my new baby in just one sentence!

Alright, so what can you guys to do help? Well, there are basically two dimensions here:

1) Two things you can do BEFORE the launch, so right away:
  • Subscribe to my newsletter through the form below by typing in your email address and clicking on the "Submit" button. I promise I'll never ever spam you, I'll simply let you know when the book is live or if I have something extremely important to announce. This email list is basically a way for me to know who the friends of the channel are:
  • Sponsor the contest I'll be organizing during the launch week. All prizes are more than welcome and in return, I will of course give you credit as a sponsor and do my best to promote your product/service. For example, designers can sponsor the contest with a free logo. If you sell toys then sure, you can sponsor the contest with a toy. Or anything else for that matter, I'm open to any and all suggestions. To contact me, send an email to and I'll get back to you asap

2) Things you can do DURING the big launch week:
  • Buy the book (preferably during the launch week) on your favorite platform, it will be ridiculously cheap (just $0.99) and the more I sell, the higher my ranking will be on the platform in question. The book will be sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks (Apple) and Kobo

  • If you want to help a LOT, you can of course buy it on all 4 platforms. $0.99 each multiplied by 4 is still just $3.96 and needless to say, this option would be of great (understatement of the century) help because it would help jumpstart my campaign on all 4 platforms

  • Tell your friends about it during the launch week or, of course, spread the word via social media. A tweet here, a Facebook share there and it all adds up!
That's pretty much it! Thanks a TON for your attention and if there's anything I can be of help with, shoot me an email ( or give me a call (+40724729347)!